The products sold by Isolectra Martin are reputed for their high quality.
Large sectors of industry place their trust in us, including avionics, railway, automotive, space, defence, measurement, medical, etc.
Thanks to its experience over the years, Isolectra Martin has developed and improved its manufacturing procedures and continues to satisfy increasingly demanding requirements.
Traceability and process management are essential factors to meet our customers’ expectations.


Isolectra Martin expertise

  • Grain-orientated sheet metal work using 5/100, 8/100,10/100, 18/100, 23/100,30/100, M5 MoH (Hi-B) quality :
    – Coating
    – Cut raw finish, Standard and C quality, painted, unpainted
    – Inspections and tests
  • Ferrite machining
  • Winding support :
    – Shaping of presspahn / laminates
    – Tools and plastic injection
    – Manufacture of metal accessories